Stay True To You

Having a vision of what you want to look like on your wedding day is helpful but don’t be married to it, pun intended. Pinterest and Instagram looks may tempt you to want to branch out and try a newer and more dramatic look for your big day.  Just remember to stay true to your own personal style. Wedding pictures are forever and you want your look to be timeless. 

Speaking from experience, I have had countless brides want a bold makeup choice and then when they finally have it on, they hate it. Just like trying to find that perfect dress, sometimes what you have in mind might not be the best look on you. Having a trial run with your makeup artist gives you the opportunity to see exactly what you want. If you’re someone that wears a smokey eye daily or a classic red lip when you go out, then I say go for it! This day should just be an enhancement on your everyday look. There are definitely ways to pump up a more natural look without going crazy and straying from your personal style. The man of your dreams at the end of the aisle loves you for YOU!

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