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Is That A Highlight Or Is She Just Greasy?

"Your skin is glowing," a phrase most women love to hear, but when glowing turns to oily and all you see are small grease pits on portions of your face, what do you do? Most of the time people buy makeup without taking their skin type into account. Working in the realm of makeup sales, I've started to pay more attention to skin types and how they eventually want their skin to look. Dewy, matte, glowing, natural, these are all keywords to describe an overall finish. Every skin type can achieve these finishes but it's time to pay more attention to the skin UNDER the makeup.

Prepping skin may be the most important part of your makeup routine especially if you're trying to achieve a certain result. Regardless whether you have an oily, dry, or combination skin type, you can still attain your dream skin! I've found that a lot of women don't even know what type of skin they have but they do have a vision of how they want their face to look. Obviously you're not going to be able to slap the same products on someone with flaky, dry skin as you would with someone that has greasy, shiny skin and get the same result. Different moisturizers, primers, foundations, and setting powders and sprays are all designed to do different tasks. That's also why I have a hard time answering the question, "do you like airbrush or regular foundation" when doing trials for weddings. Airbrushing can look beautiful but regular foundation can look just as flawless when the skin is prepped and set correctly for each specific skin type. The first step is to figure out your own personal skin type and what kind of investment you want to make in the regimen that will give you that dreamy looking skin that you've been dying for and then go from there. So next time you're in the mall or a drug store aisle searching for the foundation your favorite YouTube makeup blogger raved about, ask yourself, "would it be a good fit for my skin?"

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